Ed Goodale lives in a parallel world just to the side of ours; his songs portray life observed through ‘gifted’ eyes.

Ed’s thought provoking lyrics and the superb musicianship, energy and fun of the bands stage show has helped assemble a fast expanding global following.

‘The Fairground’ – The Ed Goodale Band

Latest News

August 14, 2018

Rehearsing and recording……

We had another great day with Nick Sowden at La Barca Studios last Thursday and now have six songs shaped that Nick will be mixing and mastering for release as the year progresses. Alongside that we have been rehearsing ... Read More »

August 14, 2018 0

August 8, 2018

Summer Festival Rehearsals

We have been rehearsing some new songs for our Summer festival slots so look out for ‘Hurdles’ and ‘That’s Me’ in the sets; we like these so much they are the next songs we will be recording. We are ... Read More »

August 08, 2018 0